01. The criminals [devised] a plan to get into the bank at night disguised as janitors.
02. We need to [devise] a strategy which will allow us to increase our sales without increasing our advertising costs.
03. The children [devised] a plan to convince the teacher to cancel the test.
04. We need to [devise] a better system for organizing our files because I can never find anything.
05. Leaders of the different teenage gangs are meeting today to try to [devise] a plan to stop the violence in their city.
06. The federal government has asked the major television networks to [devise] a way of reducing sex and violence during the prime time viewing hours.
07. Marie [devised] a scary monster costume for her daughter to wear to the Halloween party.
08. The government needs to [devise] a policy for attracting new businesses to the region.
09. Our current system of naming clouds according to their shape and height was [devised] in 1803.
10. The twins [devised] a plan to steal the cookies while their mother was busy changing their baby brother.
11. If we can't [devise] some way of bringing down our costs without laying off staff, we'll be obliged to let some people go.
12. The instructor [devised] a way to correct the exams in half the usual time.
13. Oliver Herford once said that a zoo is a place [devised] for animals to study the habits of human beings.
14. The martial art of judo was [devised] by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882.
15. Stoplights are red, yellow, and green because traffic officials copied the code system railroad engineers [devised] for track systems controlling the trains.

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